The BMW i3 set to cost around £35,000

The BMW i3 set to cost around £35,000

BMW have said that the electric i3 model will cost around £35,000, when it arrives November of this year. The model is finally arriving and will be carrying a price tag that is equivalent to a top specification BMW 3 series. This information is according to Ian Robertson, who is BMW’s Member of the Board Management for Sales and Marketing. The i3 is said to be going on sale in Europe at first, around Mid November, with United States Sales set for January of 2014. Though, when the model does arrive, it will be costing high end 3 series money, with the current top specification 330d M Sport starting at £36,610.

The new BMW will cost more than it’s rival models

This also shows that the i3 model will be costing more than it’s rivals, such as the Nissan Leaf, which has a starting price of £28,490 and the Vauxhall Ampera range extender, which costs £34,995, though BMW have not yet revealed whether the price includes the £5,000 reduction due to the Government’s plug in car grant. While this purchase may seem rather steep, BMW have predicted that the majority of buyers will be opting to lease the car. BMW are currently finalising leading details that will be offered to it’s customers, one option is that customers will be able to lease the i3 model for their travel throughout the week and then use a BMW SUV or Estate, for lengthier trips throughout the Weekend.

There are two versions of the BMW i3 being offered

This is an extension of a deal that is currently being included for buyers of the Zoe model from Renault, which includes a 25% reduction from Enterprise car rentals. BMW will be offering two versions of the i3, one all electric model, which has a range of about 80 miles and the other, which is being predicted the top seller, with a 650cc 2 cylinder motorbike engine under the boot floor of the vehicle, which will work as a range extender and can boost the range of the vehicle to about 250 miles.