Tesla to triple supercharger stations across US for their electric car drivers to travel long distance

Tesla to triple supercharger stations across US for their electric car drivers to travel long distance

Tesla, the electric car maker plans to offer more of it’s supercharger stations across the United States so that drivers are able to travel from coast to coast across the country without the worry of their electric car losing power along the way. Elon Musk, who is the CEO of the company said that the company would be trippling the number of charging stations available by the end of the month and would expand them again to have them in most cities in the United States and Canada by the end of the year.

Must believes drivers of electric cars should be able to travel long distance

Musk explained that it is an important issue that needs addressing when it comes to long distance travel across the country. He went on to say that when people purchase a new vehicle, they are essentially buying a sense of freedom, the ability to go anywhere they want to and so it is not ideal that they may be kept back because their vehicle cannot last on one charge until the next charging station arises.

Drivers of Tesla electric cars are able to recharge their vehicle at Tesla’s supercharger stations, in around an hour, on the east coast of the country, along with California and Nevada. In between drivers have to charge their cars overnight using ordinary electric current, which is a limitation.

Tesla plan to have electric car charging points across the entire US within the next two years

Within the next two years, Tesla plans to have almost the entire United States and not just big cities, within the range of a supercharger. The announcement from Musk followed other good news for Tesla, it is now earning rave reviews and is profitable.

The ability to use the Superchargers is standard on all high range models from Tesla, it is optional on cheaper Tesla models. In addition to spreading superchargers across the US, the network will also add more supercharging stations to routes that are heavily trafficked such as the corridor between New York, Boston and Washington DC, which will apparently have an available electric car charging station every 80-100 miles.