Stolen Car comes with Pig

Stolen Car comes with Pig

Many thieves would probably expect to find the usual in a car that they had decided to steal. Maybe someone’s handbag, sweet wrappers stuffed down the sides of the seats, a pair of glasses, the usual things you would leave lying around your car when you didn’t expect it to dissappear. Well, thieves who stole a car had another thing coming when they decided to steal the unsuspecting vehicle of Wendy Thrasher.

Pig found in stolen car

The thieves crashed their car in Youngstown, Ohio after they realised that there was an unwelcome passenger in the back seat, a 300 pound pot bellied pig named Penelope. The pigs owner Wendy Thrasher, told a local TV station that she had been to visit her friend and wasn’t able to take the pig inside when the car was taken from outside the house. She admitted she panicked and called the police straight away as she’s like her baby. She has human children but exclaims that she loves them all the same.

The Nissan Cube was abandoned around half a mile away. It was crushed at the front and the airbags had been deployed. Police then found the pig sitting on the back seat, she was then given another ride as the tow truck drove the car to the impound lot.

Owner believes the pig scared thieves causing the crash

Thrasher believes that the pig must have scared the thieves, which she thinks probably caused the accident. She called the crime a kidnapping, however a pignapping is probably more apt. Wendy was driven to go and pick Penelope up as of course she no longer has a car. The family were ecstatic when Penelope arrived safely home, lets hope this is the first and last occurrence of this kind.