Smart Fortwo, what can it do?

Smart Fortwo, what can it do?

Apparently, if a small car for the city is what you want and you only want seating for two, then the 2013 Smart Fortwo is the one for you. However, the Fortwo is described as unappealing due to it’s lack of features and it’s performance, which has actually been described as sluggish and unrefined.

Is the Fortwo the right vehicle for you?

The Fortwo, although having some of the highest ratings for fuel economy and is said to be extremely easy to park, many test drivers have disliked the performance from the new Smart Model. The car has an underwhelming 70 horsepower and three cylinder engine that has been criticised for only delivering enough power for driving in the city. All of the models have a manual transmission of five speeds and reviewers have disliked it. It has even been called one of the worst on the market with regards to transmissions.

People who have kept the Fortwo in the city have also exclaimed their disappointment with the quality of the ride of the car. It is said to pick up too many imperfections on the road as every little bump and crack is said to be felt within the car.

The car is supposed to be simple, smart and Fortwo

This model is one of the smallest vehicles on the market, though there is quite a lot of space within the car. There is plenty of headroom for a tall adult and there is also plenty of legroom. The other available room has been described as useful as the cabin is constructed with many hard plastics. The standard features that are expected however are lacking, such as the air conditioning and radio being optional. Though they can be added, as well as a surround sound system if desired. The interior features are basic and straightforward to use.

Nobody can make up anyone’s mind. If speed is not all of you desire and the leg space, head room and hard plastic cargo, along with a small and easy to use car is what you are looking for then who knows, this car made fortwo could be your best friend.