Seal pup makes it’s way to car dashboard

Seal pup makes it’s way to car dashboard

A seal pup has been retrieved from an extremely busy lorry park at a ferry terminal in Scotland. The incident happened earlier on this month when workers noticed the six week old pup at the port in Cairnryan. The workers tried their best to encourage the pup to enter back into the water however the pup refused to do so and the Scottish Animal Welfare Society were called (SPCA).

The Seal pup is recovering well

One worker at the ferry put the seal pup in the boot of his car to ensure it’s safety, however the pup managed to break out and ended up on the dashboard of the car. The pup, who has now been named Smartie was recovered by Alistair Hill, who works for the SPCA. He explained that weather in the area was rather bad at the time, with the sea being stormy and there being high winds. The Seal pup was rather weak and dehydrated when he was first recovered however he is now said to be doing extremely well in the care of the SPCA and has already begun to feed himself.

The SPCA rescue centre Manager Colin Seddon explained that the seal pup would have made his way into the ferry car park by a man made banking. It would have taken the pup a lot of time and effort to climb up the banking and he appeared to have no intention whatsoever of being returned to the rough sea.

The seal pup wriggled his way to the car dashboard

It was explained that usually in the case of seals, people would be asked to leave them alone but as there was a risk of injury in the car park, a member of staff was asked to keep him in their car until the SPCA could get to the scene. Though the seal didn’t like the idea of the boot very much and managed to wriggle his way out and somehow onto the dashboard. He is obviously extremely clever and appears to know what he wants, preferring the warmth of the car to any sea.

The seal is recovering well from his adventure at the National Wildlife Centre which is near Alloa. He has been housed in an individual pen which is especially for seals and has both a wet and dry area for whatever the seal decides he wants. The SPCA hope that the seal will be able to be returned to the wild in around a months now, though for now they are waiting for him to grow in strength and size, he will then be moved to an outdoor pool so he can interact with other seals, this will enable him to become used to feeding and swimming in deeper water so that he will survive in the wild.