Rolls Royce Wraith exclusivity is important

Rolls Royce Wraith exclusivity is important

Rolls Royce believe that exclusivity is so important to their customers and their profits, that the new Wraith Coupe launch, is extremely unlikely to be followed by a new range of products, according to Torsten Muller-Otvos, the boss of the company.

The Rolls Royce Wraith will go on sale this Autumn

The Ghoulish based Wraith Coupe will be going on sale this Autumn and will put you back around £215,000, though Muller-Otvos explained that it would be very carefully considered if there was to be any further expansions of the company’s product range. He went on to say that of course the company wants to push the brand into different directions, though actions must be taken very carefully. There has been more than a Century of pedigree built up by the Rolls Royce company and so there is a responsibility that must be truly honoured and respected. The company are not looking to increase production as there is no room to grow the factory, there is a very strong positive attached to how exclusive the cars are by customers.

Muller-Otvos says that Rolls Royce cars are very rare

He went on to say that it would be very easy to build cars that cost £150,000, though the reason that the company sell in the bracket of £200,000 is because the cars are extremely rare. Exclusivity is one of the main principles of the company, this is why every trend will not be followed by Rolls Royce. He did admit that new products are likely to be launched every few years. He refused also to rule out that the company would follow their rivals Bentley into the SUV segment. He played down the general speculation that there had been a huge demand for SUV’s in markets like Brazil, China and Russia made that type of car a certainty. He explained that he would not exclude any segment, though he cannot imagine an SUV particularly in the Rolls Royce line up as it stands today. He explained that there hasn’t been one customer who has asked for one. They usually have a garage of cars and pick the best for whichever segment, like a Rolls Royce , a Ferrari for sports driving or a Range Rover for an SUV.