Renault will launch Alpine by 2015

Renault will launch Alpine by 2015

French car Manufacturing giant Renault will produce it’s Alpine sports car by 2015. The car, which will be produced with Caterham in a joint venture, should be finished within three years, allowing the firm enough time to complete the project they earnestly started a year ago.

What have Renault said about the Alpine?

Stephen Norman, Renault’s marketing boss confirmed that this vehicle wouldn’t take the four years that had originally been speculated, for the car to appear. He also gave hints as to what type of character this model would have, describing that the car was definitely not soft, yet not as hardcore as maybe a Mazda MX5 or a Peugeot 106 Rallye.

The DNA within the car was then described by Norman as definitely French not German, saying that the vehicle should be light and of course look different, with a piece of French Dash. The buyer has been described as either French or a Francophile, the car is also said to have technical innovation imprinted deep in it’s DNA and is described to be not suitable for Dandies.

How will this Renault model rival other sports cars?

The Alpine’s design is said to be a clean sheet and will surely create a rival for the Porsche Boxter model and the high performaning versions of the Audi TT. The car will be priced lower than £50,000 and will use a Renault engine with 250bhp.

Renault originally wanted to revive the Alpine in 2007, however the recession prevented the project from commencing. The original Renault design was then considered too old when the market finally recovered.