Recent Weather has caused £3.5 Million worth of damage!

Recent Weather has caused £3.5 Million worth of damage!

I think the whole of the UK has accepted that the bad weather is going to be around for a while. Everybody understands that the snow and icy conditions have been rather horrific over the past few weeks, though are people actually aware of the serious amount of damage that is going on over the UK with regards to vehicles.

7,000 vehicles have been damaged because of the weather

Up to 7,000 vehicles across the UK have been damaged in just four days due to bad weather, as the ice and snow build up over this past weekend led to thousands of accidents around the country. AA insurance has actually said that £3.5 million worth of damage has been caused in just these past four days. That is an absolutely huge amount.

Drivers who don’t bother to clean their cars properly have been slammed by AA insurance, they have actually been described as accidents waiting to happen. It has been explained that if people take just that little bit of extra time preparing for these horrific weather conditions, then a lot of accidents could be avoided.

From the 18th to the 21st of January the AA Insurance has allegedly received over 500 claims and almost half were related to the ice and snow. It has been said that on Monday, a whole half of claims made were completely related to weather.

AA warn that care and attention must be taken in weather like this

Simon Douglas, who is the director of AA insurance exclaimed that driving in these snowy and icy conditions demands a great deal of care from drivers. Where snow has been melting leaving wet surfaces, there is a great risk of black ice, which can catch motorists off guard. He also said that a prolonged bout of snow is not normally usual in most parts of the UK, so it is not surprising that many motorists are not coping well.

The AA insurance has also reminded drivers the absolute importance of maintaining excellent visibility from the windscreen and windows, also saying that there are many drivers who are not taking as much care as they should to clear cars that have been covered with snow. He also said that there are many drivers who could be mistaken for an igloo, shining some humour on the matter. Although it must be reminded that road safety is no laughing matter, no matter what the weather.