Princess Diana’s Audi to be put to auction

Princess Diana’s Audi to be put to auction

The 1994 Audi 2.3 E Convertible that was once owned by Diana, Princess of Wales will be one of the cars featured at an auction that takes place on June 29th at Blenheim Palace. Princess Diana’s Audi was the family vehicle in which the Princess of Wales had been photographed on a number of occasions driving Princes William and Harry around when they were younger.

The Royal Audi is currently on display at the Grange St Paul’s hotel in London

Until the auction is carried out, the 2.3 litre engined vehicle is actually on display in London, at the Grange St Paul’s hotel.

The managing director of Coys, which is staging the auction, Chris Routledge has said that this is indeed a very extraordinary opportunity for somebody to own a piece of royal history. He explained that a guide price has been put on the car of between £20-25,000, though nobody has any idea of what it will end up going for. He went on to say that though it had not been formally confirmed that the car was going to go on sale, until now, there have already been enquiries globally, particularly from the United States.

The Audi has only 21,000 miles on the clock

The car has only clocked up 21,000 miles and is described at being in an immaculate condition. Hotel visitors are able to leave sealed bids for the vehicle, which will then be passed on to the auctioneer at Blenheim. Grange Hotels along with Coys have also planned a competition where the winner will be driven around at Blenheim in the vehicle, then taken to lunch and able to attend the auction also. We wonder who the lucky winner of the competition will be. Whoever becomes the owner of the prestigious Audi vehicle will also be owning a piece of history that is desired by many.