Police Car rammed in Chase!

Police Car rammed in Chase!

A police car has been rammed due to a chase in the West Midlands involving an Audi. The Police car was being pursuing the vehicle which had been stolen. The owner of the Audi RS3 was threatened at knife point by two men in masks, near Birmingham’s NEC, outside the Hilton Metropole Hotel.

Police Car was rammed as it approached Offenders

The thieves then drove the car to Clock Lane, where they ended up found due to the vehicle being fitted with a tracking device. Whilst officers approached the car, it was rammed and they were therefore unable to carry on in the Pursuit. The Audi was then found in Meriden a short time later.

Detective Constable Dave Bailey, from the West Midlands Police Department explained that the offenders tried everything they could to remove the tracker from the Audi, resulting in a considerable amount of damage being done to the interior of the vehicle. Though the vehicle was tracked with the assistance of Warwickshire Police, to the Heart of England Social Club’s car park in Meriden, where it had been left abandoned.

Police are appealing for witnesses

It was believed that the offenders were picked up by an accomplice in another car in the social club’s car park, where the Audi was found abandoned. West Midlands and Warwickshire Police are appealing for any witnesses to come forward. The owner of the vehicle was luckily unhurt during the incident, though as expected is extremely shaken up by the ordeal.

Unfortunately this instance is one of many that happen each year. There are reportedly 600,000 vehicles stolen in the UK, some are never found and some, the same as this Audi are found abandoned with significant damage done to them. Some are even involved in further criminal activity or are found to be crashed and then have to be written off. Regular Motor insurance, although necessary to allow us to drive on our British roads, may not protect us in an instance such as this one. It is highly likely that your motor insurance will only reimburse you with the amount of money your car is worth on the day it happens to be written off or stolen. Gap insurance is the only way you can fill in the gap between the valuation awarded by your motor dealer and what you originally paid for your vehicle. With different types for whatever suits you and your car.

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