Office in car passenger seat? Is this where all German creations are going?

Office in car passenger seat? Is this where all German creations are going?

Remember the days when talking on your phone whilst driving was unacceptable, well it seems that atleast one man has thought the idea of setting up his own office in his car, is a forward-thinking idea.

Shocking discovery of office in car

A 35 Year old man, driving near Saarbruecken, who had originally been pulled over for driving at 130kph in an 100kph zone whilst passing a truck, was then found to have set up his very own mobile office in his car. Forget transforming the box room, it appears that some Germans have completely different ideas. In the mobile office, which had been set up on his passenger seat consisted of a Laptop which was on a docking station, tilted in his direction to allow for him to see it easier whilst he was driving. There was also a printer attached, a wireless internet stick, router, WLAN antenna and then of course an inverter to power it all. Finally there was a mobile phone attached to the windshield so that this man could obviously make and receive calls from the comfort of his moving vehicle.

No Proof of Office being used in car

There was actually no evidence that the man had used his virtual office whilst the vehicle was moving, so he was only issued with a speeding ticket for 120 Euros and the possibility of a fine, due to the unsecured items in his car. These findings however beg the question, if this man is so careless to speed past a fellow vehicle at such a high speed, then I find it highly probable that he has tried to use his virtual office whilst driving, atleast the phone. Otherwise why would he feel the need to have his office with him at all times? Maybe just so he can move from place to place easily with everything he needs, though the set-up in his car appears to the onlooker that he has been trying to carry out business and making tracks, at the same time.

This may seem like a business forward idea to the average entrepreneur but it really is a danger and a hazard to bring anything unnecessary into a car with you, especially something that could be distracting. Phonecalls are just not acceptable whilst driving, whatever people may think, it deflects your concentration from the road, a virtual office I imagine, could take up your concentration completely. The risk of any of these objects falling under your feet, also heightens the possibility of having an accident.  Lets hope that the remainder of Germany, although a Country that has produced many of our favourite car manufacturers, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, BMW and Mercedes, does not follow in this example, I can’t see this being the next big car “thing”.