Nissan, Peugeot and Renault Rival in Urban Crossover Segment

Nissan, Peugeot and Renault Rival in Urban Crossover Segment

Nissan’s new model, the Juke, which is an Urban crossover is about to get a rude awakening of the French kind. With the rivals, Peugeot 2008 and Renault Captur coming into play. The French manufacturing Giant’s Peugeot and Renault announced this week that their new models will definitely be providing competition for Nissan’s Juke, in the highly popular segment that is the Urban Crossover.

Peugeot’s model, the 2008 has been based on the manufacturers Peugeot 208 supermini and it said to go on sale late this coming summer. The model will be built in Brazil and China as well as Peugeot’s home Country France, which reflects Peugeot’s global ambitions for this stretched up supermini urban crossover.

What can we expect from Peugeot’s Urban Crossover?

The 2008 is around 20 centimeters longer than the 208, at 4.16 meters and is around 2cm longer than Nissan’s Juke. The model is said to have high driving position and is only available with front wheel drive however will be offered with snow and mud tyres along with body protection, to ensure it’s credibility off road. This model will be powered by Peugeot’s already existing engine line up, including the 3 cylinder petrol unit. Though full performance or economy data is still to be revealed Peugeot have ensured that their cleanest models will emit just 99g of CO2.

What can we expect from Renault’s Urban Crossover?

Renault’s Captur is the rival urban crossover for the 2008 and of course Nissan’s model Juke. A car that is said to blend the style and driving position of a typical Sport Utility Vehicle, with the cabin space of a multi purpose vehicle and the agility of a regular compact hatchback. The Captur is said to use the same approach of a boosted height and styling as it’s rivals.

The full details of both urban crossovers will be revealed by their manufacturers, such as final specification and most importantly price, when the Captur and 2008 will be fully displayed at the Geneva Motor show, this coming March.