Nissan CVT Problems

Nissan CVT Problems

Nissan leaning on JATCO to solve CVT problems.


Nissan decided to fit continuously variable transmissions (CVT) across it’s new models and this decision is proving to be a tough one. The Japanese auto-maker has been swamped with quality and customer satisfaction issues all relating to the CVTs that are provided by the supplier JATCO Ltd. We at Contract Hire Gap Insurance like to bring you the reader, the latest on what is happening in both the automotive and Gap Insurance world.


Nissan are already under a considerable amount of pressure as a whole host of manufacturers look to challenge the Japanese brand in the electric car market. Manufacturers such as Toyota and BMW have agreed a deal which will see the pair develop hybrid and electric cars in the future and may even involve the pair manufacturing an exclusive range of models.


The Nissan CVTs


Jatco’s innovations in CVT performance in friction reduction and operating efficiency have helped Nissan cars rise to the top or near the top in fuel economy in their segments. CVTs are the standard non-manual transmission for every car and crossover in the Nissan-brand line, except for the electric Leaf and low-volume 370Z and GT-R sports cars.


Because CVTs have no fixed gears, drivers do not experience the gear-by-gear stepping-up sensation of traditional automatic transmissions instead experiencing only a smooth and steady increase in engine revolutions. To an uninitiated driver, the transmission could sound like it is stuck in a single gear.


The Nissan CVT complaints.


The customer satisfaction issue mainly occurring is due to the customers’ unfamiliarity with the non-traditional shift nature of a CVT. Dealers have reported complaints and service visits from owners over the belt-driven automatics bringing up questions as to whether any of the customers test drove the vehicle before buying, in which case they would have noticed the shift difference.


Comments on the problems.


The company Nissan owns 75% of has come under fire from Nissan CEO, Carlos Ghosn. He commented, “Every time you launch a new CVT you always have some risks. So we now have a process by which, before we launch any new CVT, they (JATCO) come before the Nissan executive committee to explain all the measures they have taken to make sure there are no surprises.”


Speaking to AN, Nissan spokesperson, David Reuter said the latest string of transmission related issues were related largely to Nissan’s hectic launch schedule. “They’re in the past and behind us now,” Reuter said. According to Ghosn, the transmission related issues also took a chunk out of the brand’s profits in 2012.


Nissan’s oversight on JATCO will fall to Bill Krueger, the brand’s current Manufacturing and Supply Chain Boss in North America and its future Executive Vice President of US and Mexican operations, according to AutoNews. Krueger will be visiting JATCO next month. Along with dealers, the supplier will attempt to provide a greater range of information to consumers about the benefits and characteristics of its Nissan CVTs.