Nissan are to build a Golf rival in Barcelona

Nissan are to build a Golf rival in Barcelona

Nissan have announced that they will be investing 130million Euros in the companies Barcelona plant to build a new model that should rival the Volkswagen Golf. The production of this model is said to begin in July next year and was originally meant to be built at Nissan’s factory in Sunderland. Though Nissan have decided instead to invest £250 million into the Sunderland factory to produce a new infiniti small car in 2015 instead.

Nissan say this will create jobs

At the moment the Barcelona factory produces commercial vehicles like the NV200 in both the conventional and electric powered forms eNV200, also producing the Navara Pick up model and the Pathfinder SUV. The brand new passenger car is said to add 80,000 more units to the whole capacity of the plant, which will take total production at the factory to over 200,000 vehicles. This represents a 100million Euro investment and Nissan predicts that around 1,000 direct jobs will be created, as well as 3,000 indirect ones.

Nissan have also explained that along with the new Golf rival, the company will also add 24,000 units of additional capacity per annum for the building of the Navara, which represents the addition investment of 14million Euros. This plant will also be the one responsible for producing the gearbox for Nissan’s leaf and eNV200, which also represents another investment of 6 million Euros.

What’s will Nissan’s investment be used for?

The total 130 million Euro investment will be used for the renovation and modernisation of the plant in Barcelona’s production lines, to get ready for the production of the new passenger car and the electric gearbox. Though whilst the company has announced where the Golf and Focus rival is going to be built, it did not however confirm what the name of the car is going to be. Andy Palmer, who is the executive vice president of the firm explained that there is currently a gap in the range and the whole idea of the new car is to keep customers within the Nissan Brand. He explained that this car is meant to catch buyers who will be moving up from a Juke, who can then move on to a Qashqai if they desire more space and then the idea is apparently to get them to buy an infiniti. Though the name has not yet been confirmed, a series of hints were dropped by Palmer as he said, the Almera name will not be used, however it will be familiar.