Nissan and other big brands suspend Facebook adverts over offensive content

Nissan and other big brands suspend Facebook adverts over offensive content

Nissan amongst other brands have suspended adverts that were featured on Facebook after adverts were supposedly displayed next to offensive content on the popular social media site. The campaigns of the companies were put on hold in the United Kingdom, just as Facebook had put out new policies, to try and identify and remove hate speech as well as content that was deemed offensive from it’s site.

The changes were exclaimed this week following several calls for action from groups including  the Everyday Sexism Project and Women, Action and the Media, which highlighted images that were posted on Facebook that appeared to make jokes about or encourage violence against women.

Nissan and other brands showed concern

Nissan and several other big brands in the United Kingdom all showed concern about their adverts being displayed next to certain content that was deemed inappropriate and offensive, according to a report that was featured in the Financial Times.

A spokesman for Nissan explained that there was no proof that that it’s adverts had been featured alongside any offensive content, however the company is working along with Facebook to ensure that any advertisements in future cannot follow users into pages that may be deemed as offensive. He went on to say that the company acted extremely quickly to put a halt on advertising campaigns in the United Kingdom when the situation was brought to light.

Nissan have made no advertising changes in the U.S

Nissan hasn’t made any advertising changes in the United States, though the company will continue working with Facebook to ensure that the company can opt out of pages that may be deemed as offensive. Some of the changes made to the content policies on Facebook include soliciting feedback from experts on the outside to be able to better evaluate reports of offensive content or hate speech more effectively.

Facebook does not permit hateful speech though distinguishes between serious and humorous speech, according to the company community standards.