New targets have been set for electric cars by Transport Commisioner

New targets have been set for electric cars by Transport Commisioner

Sim Kallas, the transport commissioner has announced that he is going to introduce targets for the amount of charging points that European Union Countries will have to install, hoping to boost the sale of electric cars. After presenting the Clean Power for Transport package, which he delivered on the 24th of January this year, he explained that 94% of European Transport was completely reliant on the use of oil, which of course is usually imported. He also explained that the charging points that will be set up for electric cars will have to have the same featured plug format, which will introduce a standard across Europe.

What other plans are there for electric cars in the EU?

In the United Kingdom, there are 703 charging points at the present, though plans that are in place expect to see these numbers increase to more than 120,00 by the year 2020. Transport commissioner Kallas explained his estimations of the costs of building green infrastructure of transport at around 10 billion Euros until the year 2020, which compares to the European Union’s 1 Billion Euro’s a day, the cost of oil importing. It was said that member states however will still be able to get involved in these changes and to put them in place without necessarily involving the spending of the public. This was pointing to the potential use of European Union Funding. There were other measures that were contained within the package that included putting Liquified Petroleum gas to more common and greater use within the shipping sector and also to ensure that there are a greater use of biofuels within Europe.

Other news on electric cars?

There has been much talk of electric cars this week. People in our countries capital actually have the choice of having an electric car charging point installed for free within their driveway, allowing electric car drivers to use the services and for the home owner to charge a price for the service they are providing. Although there are only talks of around 20 being available, this is still a great initiative to try and ensure the growth of electric cars and also allow home owners to make some money at the same time.