New Fiat product opens up potential for Fleet

New Fiat product opens up potential for Fleet
The newly appointed commercial director of Fiat is looking to making further inroads into the fleet market as the company expand it’s 500 family.

The Fiat 500 sector is historically extremely strong

The 500 sector is historically extremely strong in the car retail market, with almost 7 out of 10 Fiat sales in the United Kingdom being from this sector. The carmaker has a lot of scope within the fleet market, where it’s sales are around 34% below the average for the industry.
This is something that the company is targeting following the launch of the company’s latest model, the 500L Trekking, which joins the 500, 500 ABarth, 500C and 500L in the line-up and will also be joined by the 500L MPW seven seater model in September and the 500X compact SUV by the end of 2013.
Karl Howkins, who is the new commercial director at the Fiat Group Automobiles in the United Kingdom expressed his thoughts at the launch of the Fiat 500L Trekking and said that he likes a challenge and he believes that Fiat is a challenge, though it has an excellent product coming. He added that you could be the greatest salesman in the world, though you need the products to be able to sell.

Howskins joined Fiat in June

After a 25 year career with General Motors, Howkins joined Fiat in June. His last post was two and a half years as managing director of Opel, in the Netherlands.
Howkins described the Fiat 500 as still flying, five years after it was first launched. It has also built up a loyalty to the customer. The addition of the 500 family means that Fiat now has vehicles in segments B, C and SUV.  He went on to say that he sees definite Scope for the 500L for motability and rental markets. He said that if it makes sense then the company will do it and if it doesn’t make sense then they will not. He added that there is a lot of good fleet business out there.