More personalisation options from Land Rover?

More personalisation options from Land Rover?

Land Rover have said that they will be offering their customers more opportunity to customise their vehicles in the future, though boss of the company John Edwards has explained that the move will be taken with caution to ensure that any work that is undertaken on a Land Rover model is kept within the brand values of the firm. He went on to say that it has been noticed that more and more customers are constantly looking for an opportunity to personalise their models, in many different ways. He said that the company would like to cater for this in a limited way. He explained that of course there are increased opportunities to expand, especially when it comes to the Range Rover. He said the firm are constantly looking at what other manufacturers and what aftermarket tuners are doing, he said that Land Rover will increasingly eat into that market.

Land Rover would not OK extreme modifications

John Edwards did say however that the company would be extremely unlikely to OK extreme modifications on their models, such as some of the most hardcore models, like the dark pink Range Rover Hamann that was displayed at the Geneva Motor show recently.  He exclaimed that Land Rover have their own development department, ETO, though there has to be a perfect balance between unique personalisation and business. There of course is a brand name and responsibility to protect, a car cannot be changed to the extent that it no longer matches the value of the Land Rover brand. Though, there is a responsibility from the business side for Land Rover to do everything in their power to make the most profit they can.

Land rover must prioritise their opportunities

He explained that it is also a question of timing when it comes to something like this. He said that the company must prioritise opportunities against the investment that they essentially require.