Mercedes Chief says team can do no more ahead of their Paris hearing

Mercedes Chief says team can do no more ahead of their Paris hearing

Mercedes Chief Toto Wolff has said that Mercedes will go into the Tribunal hearing into the controversial tyre test issue in Barcelona at the end of the week, to make the case that they have not done anything wrong.

Both Mercedes and Pirelli face FIA charges

Both Pirelli, the tyre supplier and the Brackley based Mercedes team are to face FIA charges over their secret three day test when the International Tribunal comes together to hear the case on Thursday, in Paris. Both parties have welcomed the hearing so that they can both put their sides of the story across and hopefully prove that they have done nothing wrong.

Since three weeks ago, when details of the test first emerged at the Monaco Grand Prix, the German Giant have stayed adamant that they did not disregard Formula 1’s testing regulations deliberately. Rob Brawn, the team boss, told Sky Sports, whilst not elaborating on how their evidence is going to be presented, there are definitely some facts that are going to become apparent during the tribunal, he went on to express that things are going to become a lot clearer.

Mercedes Chief says the team has carried out all preparation possible

Ahead of Thursday’s hearing, speaking in Germany, The Executive Director of the company Tota Wolff had said that the team had carried out all preparation work they could possibly do and they will go to Paris with no ideas about what is going to happen. He expressed that the team have prepared their documents, they can do no more. On Thursday the judgement will come and he explained that it is then that they will see whether Mercedes can live with it. He went on to say that the team currently do not have any feelings, negative or positive, they believe that they have done nothing wrong.

It has been said that neither Wolff of the Non-Executive Chairman of Mercedes Niki Lauda will actually be present at the hearing, Brawn is travelling to Paris with the team’s lawyers.