Lincoln MKC SUV.

Lincoln, a brand owned by the Ford Motor Company, has produced the MKC as a new offering for the small premium SUV segment which is the fastest growing part of the luxury market. The brand is hoping this model will be key to increasing Lincoln’s appeal to the younger audience. The MKC styling was previewed in the concept shown at the Detroit Motor Show last January as well as being introduced in New York as the second of four vehicles the Ford Motor Company is counting on to revive it’s luxury brand.


The MKC SUV details.

Stand out design features include Lincoln’s signature ‘split wing’ grille and a wraparound tailgate similar to that fitted to the Audi Q7.

Inside there is extensive use of leather and real wood trim with the audio system featuring THX surround sound and Lincoln’s version of Ford’s SYNC system.

Two petrol EcoBoost engines are offered: a 240bhp 2.0-litre unit and a 2.3-litre version which makes 275bhp and 300lb ft of torque. Larger-capacity-engined models feature active grille shutters.

The MKC is loosely based on the Ford Escape yet the design and parts are completely different to combat the fact that past Lincolns have been too much like their Ford ‘cousins’. The model being low and wide, with a sloping roof, optional panoramic sunroof and a prominent winged grille. The tailgate cuts into the sides of the vehicle, instead of the rear, allowing a long, unbroken band of tail-lights as a sharp crease undulates along the sides, giving the vehicle a constant sense of movement.

The MKC will be built at a factory in Louisville, Kentucky. The same plant that now is working three shifts to meet demand for the Ford Escape.


Additional details of the MKC SUV.

The MKC is being offered in front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive configurations with both being available with adaptive damping. It should be produced in the second quarter of 2014 with deliveries beginning next summer. The MKC goes on sale in the US next summer for a starting price of $33,995 making it the least expensive in Lincoln’s line-up.