Learner drivers can pay less for their insurance

Learner drivers can pay less for their insurance

A new idea has been brought to light recently, a points means prizes approach to learner drivers whilst doing their lessons. Though, I think it is safe to say that points are not usually something that drivers would want to collect whilst they were out on the roads. Ingenie, the Insurance provider along with Red Driving School is providing insurance cover that will encourage and directly award better drivers. Under this scheme, the insurance company is offering a discount of 5% to all new drivers who have had 10 or over hours of Red driving school tuition.

For the average 17 year old driver, this saving could be around £100

Ingenie claim that for an average customer of 17 years old, this will represent a saving of about £100, on their annual insurance premium. Which could easily be enough for the annual road tax or a couple of tanks of fuel. As part of the insurance, there is a black box fitted to the vehicle, which will collect data on how the vehicle is being driven. The data is not only available to Ingenie, it is also accessible to the driver of the vehicle, who is able to monitor their own driving performance on a website or via a mobile app. The assessment of driving is based on braking and acceleration, cornering and speed and is reviewed quarterly.

The discount could actually be raised to 10% for the best drivers

As another incentive to encourage better driving, this discount could actually be raised to 10% for those that are driving the best. Anything that is rewarding skilful young drivers and encourages better driving, really has to be a good thing. Recent reports indicate that the average price of insurance for people ages 17 to 22 is £1,211, so a discount of 5% or 10% is going to make quite a big difference.