Kubica and an F1 Return?

Kubica and an F1 Return?

Robert Kubica dreams of an F1 return


Robert Kubica left F1 after being involved in a life changing crash which forced the team to carry on without him due to the severity of his accident in a rally event. The Polish driver has finished as high as 3rd in the drivers championship and could have went on to win the championship if the accident hadn’t occurred.


As the new F1 season approaches and new cars are unveiled such as the new McLaren MP4-28 and the Ferrari 138, it inspires Kubica to work harder in the gym and get back behind the wheel as much as he can in order to finally be able to return to F1.


The 28 year old driver currently has limited movement in his right arm after severing his wrist in the accident back in 2011. The injury currently prevents him from rotating his wrist or his forearm in the same way he would have to do in a single seater car like the F1 car.


Robert Kubica’s story is an inspiring one of that and will be a story forever told if he makes his return to F1. He currently uses the touring car racing and rally racing to help him get back to his best and fully fit and fighting self.


As mentioned earlier the season is fast approaching and things are getting excited as the teams take to the track in the first testing session of the season. The testing session will be the first idea of how the cars are going to perform against each other as well as comparing lap times and tyre degradation times.


Jenson Button has stated that the tyres and degradation times will be less of a risk this season as the teams have a years worth of experience with the new tyres. Things will be a lot more consistent in the way of results in F1 now that the teams will have special analysers and tyre experts based on the new tyres.