How do you de-ice?

How do you de-ice?

We have all been there, we get up in the morning with just enough time to get to work and low and behold, we’re not going anywhere, because our car windows are completely iced up. Motorists of Britain have admitted to resorting to some extremely unconventional methods when it comes to de-icing their windscreens and windows on frosty winter mornings, even ignoring some warnings about the expensive and extensive damage that could be done to their vehicle.

What do you do about ice?

We all know it’s Christmas and with that comes, high heating bills, dressing gowns, winter boots to stop you slipping down the street and frosty windscreens. Ice, snow and frozen cars are unfortunately on the top of winters destructive lists. Is there really any right way to de-ice a windscreen?

There are a high variety of methods being used by British motorists, some of them quite bizarre. A recent survey proves that not all of them come with high recommendations from experts. Some people have admitted to using a credit card, yes this we have heard of. Others as many as 29% have admitted to using their hands as their homemade ice scrapers, we couldn’t imagine anything worse, it sounds like icy morning torture. Some have even admitted to using boling water from the kettle to melt the ice, of course this risks the shattering of the windscreen and comes with high warnings from experts.

Strange De-ice methods

Other people have used, alcoholic drinks, spatulas, books, clothes and CD cases. Any of these could actually potentially damage the rubber seals of the windscreen, or the windscreen itself. There are also many drivers who believe that they can see exactly what they need through a tiny gap in the ice and carry on with their morning with ice still on their windscreen and side windows. This actually risks drivers being stopped by the police and puts both their vehicle and others in danger.

Drivers are being urged to carry a proper ice scraper and a de-icer of full strength for situations in which they may need them. They are extremely important and should be thought of as just as necessary as anything else you feel you need in your car. Do not drive until the windscreen and side windows are clear of ice, to be avoid being stopped by the police and of course to avoid accidents. You can also protect your car by using a good quality polish or wax and keeping up on cleaning to prevent the build up of dirt on your vehicle.

Ice scrapers are extremely cheap, there really is no excuse not to have one. It will obviously be easier and cheaper to pay a small amount for a reasonable ice scraper than for a brand new windscreen if you happen to crack it, or the hassle of a new car if you happen to be involved in an accident. Always be prepared, you will also have the added bonus of looking extra efficient to your neighbours, rather than walking around with a boiling hot kettle, or flashing your credit card details to the world.