Government HGV speed limit plans?

Government HGV speed limit plans?

The Government’s plans to increase the HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicles) speed limit has come to the end of it’s consultation period of three months. If the plans are to go ahead then the speed limit for a single carriageway lorry will be raised from 40 miles per hour to either 45 miles per hour or 50 miles per hour. These plans would actually bring these larger trucks in line with smaller 3.5 tonne to 7.5 tonne vehicles, which are currently allowed a 50 mile per hour limit. People in support of the motion argue that this will help to improve the economy, while critics of the plans explain that there are potential environmental and safety issues that should be addressed.

Supporters and critics both make valid points for hiring speed limit for HGV vehicles

Supporters for the new plans have suggested that the lower limit can cause congestion for other motorists and even put lives at risk through overtaking which is unnecessary and causes major incidents. Lorries if able to travel at a quicker pace would definitely aid the growth of the economy and will essentially reduce the frustration of other drivers. The Advanced Institute of Motorists and the AA have welcomed this move, with Edmund King who is the president of the AA explaining last year that it is definitely common sense, the freer flowing of traffic will definitely benefit road safety.

Of course critics of the movement believe that faster lorries and vehicles will lead to many more accidents and also have a rather negative impact on the environment due to the fact that a lorry that is travelling at 50 miles per hour will naturally burn more fuel than one that is travelling at 40 miles per hour. Cyclists have also showed concern as it is thought that the faster a lorry is moving, the slower it will take to stop and of course will also reduce reaction times for lorry drivers. Julie Townsend, who speaks on behald of the charity of road safety Brake explained that it is obvious that these vehicles will take longer to stop if they are going at faster speeds and if a collision does happen it is highly likely to be catastrophic due to the increase in speed.

Limits for other HGV’s that are over 7.5 tonnes will stay the same, which is 30 miles per hour in urban areas 50 miles per hour on dual carriageways and 60 miles per hour on motorways. The Government will be making the outcome of these plans and their decisions regarding HGV vehicles clear shortly.