Government are hands off with electric cars

Government are hands off with electric cars

Our coalition Government has maintained that it doesn’t need to become involved with charging infrastructure for Electric cars in the UK. The Transport Select Committee however have said that the UK’s electric cars need a far better infrastructure. The Government had been suggested by the committee to improve perception and uptake of the UK’s electric vehicles. However the Government have rejected the suggestion and maintained that it is not actually necessary to create targets for electric vehicle sales, also saying that it is not the Governments job to make charging points standard, neither payment schemes nor connections.

At the moment there are a number of charging schemes and connectors that are set up around the UK and Europe and users of these Government Plug in places charging schemes have to register before they can use them in their own area. Though not all eight of the plug in places schemes that run across the country are compatible.

The Government don’t think it necessary to get involved

The Select Committee also recommended that the Government should explain how it is going to standardise infrastructure that will be used for plug in vehicles, including physical connections and also financial aspects so that it is easier for drivers. The Government responded by agreeing that whilst there are definitely benefits to having a single recharging plug solution, it is actually down to the market and industry who decide what infrastructure and charging hardware there will be.

The committee had also recommended that the Government produce targets for the numbers of plug ins they expect to see on our roads by the time the next spending review comes around. They said that this would definitely enable them to assess how successful it’s low carbon vehicle strategy had been. Though like the rest of the suggestions made by the committee the Government disagreed over what it called the market penetration, saying this makes barriers for target setting with regards to electric vehicles.

Clarification was also asked for of the Government by the Committee over their decision to increase company car tax rates for vehicles with low emissions from around 2015. Which is a move that caused huge disappointment amongst the Motor Manufacturers and Traders, Toyota and Vauxhall’s.

The Committee expressed that they thought this would create a great instability within the market, although the response from the Government was that tax issues were a treasury matter and that there were continued discussions within the Government.