Fuel Sales have fallen

Fuel Sales have fallen

Petrol stations have said that fuel sales have significantly dropped, as 3.5 Billion lites less fuel is being sold, in comparison to 2007. This is according to data that has been produced by the AA. Compared to five years ago, forecourts are selling 3.5 billion litres less in fuel, according to the AA, fuel sales will only start climbing again, when the economy starts to recover. Research has been compiled that shows that in 2007, motorists bought 37.7 billion litres of fuel, though that figure decreased by 9%, 3.5 billion litres in 2012, to a 34.2 billion litre total.

Fuel Sales 5 years ago indicate now 35 days of business has been lost

Garages were selling around 100 million litres of fuel per day five years ago, so this drop in fuel sales indicates that since the start of the recession, this equals a total of 35 business days lost. Over the last five years, petrol sales have fallen by 23%, even though diesel sales rose by 13% due to the increased popularity of diesel cars. This however, was not enough to stop losses.

Fuel Prices and Economy have had a massive impact on Fuel Sales

The price of fuel of course, has had a massive impact on the business in the forecourts. Petrol sales have fallen by 5% between March and October last year. An AA spokesman said that the biggest reason for the fuel sales drop has been due to the economic downturn, which has been rather severe. Previous reduction periods have usually followed major events like the fuel strikes of 2000, or economic woes. The only way we are going to see an increase in sales is if the United Kingdom’s economy grows. It is rather obvious that when the economy of the country grows, the fuel sales will also climb back up.