Ford are recalling 465,000 vehicles to fix a fuel leak

Ford are recalling 465,000 vehicles to fix a fuel leak

465,000 Ford models will be recalled Worldwide

United States carmaker Ford recently announced that around 465,000 of their cars are going to have to be recalled Worldwide to fix a potential fuel leak. Ford said that a fuel delivery module in cars that have been affected could leak and then result in a fire if an ignition source is present.

The company said that it had received around 600 complaints from consumers about the issue, though there had not been any reports of any fires caused by the problem, or accidents or injuries. Some of the models that are affected by this particular recall are the 2013 Ford Fusion Sedan, the Ford Explorer, The Flex, Taurus, Police Utility and Interceptor and the Lincoln MKT, MKZ and MKS. All of the vehicles affected are from the 2013 model year.

The company has explained that due to a limited supply of new fuel delivery modules to be able to amend the fuel leak, so some owners of the particular vehicles may have to hang on until September to have the fuel tank of their vehicle fixed.

Last year the company recalled over 1.4 million vehicles around the World, so far this year there have been around 700,000 recalls of Ford models.

Around 420,000 of these Ford Vehicles are being recalled in the US, Mexico and Canada

Around 420,000 of the vehicles are being recalled in the United States, Mexico and Canada, the rest are vehicles from overseas. The company said that it would also be recalling 23 of the 2013 Ford Fusions to fix a problem with steering gears that do not have an internal retaining chip, meaning that a risk of a crash is increased.

There are also 500 2013 Lincoln MKZ Sedan models that are equipped with engine block heaters being recalled by Ford so that they can fix some electrical cords that can apparently crack in really cold weather.