Fiat and Toyota in Rap car advert Spat

Fiat and Toyota in Rap car advert Spat

Fiat has been involved in a Twitter row recently over the accusation that their latest car advert for their Fiat 500L “Motherhood” has copied a previous advert for their rival car manufacturer Toyota. Fiat’s new car advert, features Rachel Donovan as a sleep deprived and frustrated mother rapping about everything that comes with being a mother, is rather similar to the 2010 Toyota advert Swagger Wagon, which was created by Saatchi & Saatchi LA. Fiat’s car advert was created by Krow Communications, who have refused to comment on the latest spat.

Comments claim Fiat’s new Car advert copies Toyota’s Swagger Wagon

The Swagger Wagon advert, also features a rap, however includes both parents rapping about their everyday lives and what being a parent entails. Similarly to the Fiat car advert, there are nappys, children, cupcakes and other expected things that come with being a parent, featured throughout the advert. This advert features the car being advertised throughout also, with most of the rapping between mum and dad being done either in front of the car or inside it. A number of comments were written after the “Motherhood” was first released on Youtube, claiming that this advert had obviously copied the Toyota one, obviously sparking anger from the other manufacturer.

It is obvious that certain aspects of the adverts fall into a similar category, rapping for a start and then for the rap to be based on children and being a mother/parents, it is clear where these claims have come from. It would not be seen as such a crime if maybe just the rapping element had been used, or just the children element, however both of them together and both adverts being cars, will of course beg questions from Toyota.The director of strategy at Saatchi & Saatchi London, Richard Huntington tweeted that Fiat should be hanging their head in shame at their ripoff of Swagger Wagon and posted the original Swagger Wagon video below.

Comments on the Fiat car advert claims Toyota did it better

A number of other comments included that Toyota did it better and Fiat have completely ripped off the Swagger Wagon advert. A Fiat spokesperson exclaimed that in no way their brand are suggesting that the adverts are not similar, though their advert is different. The Fiat ad is British, tongue in cheek and lighthearted and puts mums at the centre of the advert. He also went on to say that many brands use rap as a marketing tool. Though he is right, it is a touchy subject due to the fact that both of these adverts surround family life and children and both are for cars. However, it is obvious that the Swagger Wagon advert from Toyota is a lot more American and in our opinion has a completely different feel to it than Fiat’s advert. The Fiat advert has been described as edgy and humorous. Make up your own mind which car advert you believe is better.