Fiat 500L Seven seater presented to ministers

Fiat 500L Seven seater presented to ministers

The brand new Fiat 500L seven seater prototype was presented at the Fiat  (Automobiles Serbia) to Mlađan Dinkić and Ivica Dačić, Serbia’s economy minster and prime minister. They toured the factory in Kragujavac, which is in Central Serbia, last Monday. Dinkić explained to reporters that the factory would be launching serial productions of the brand new model and seven hundred jobs would be created for May this year.

The Fiat 500XL model is said to be generally aimed at the market in the U.S, explained the minister and they will be sold there starting summer of this year. Dačić then went on to state that during his visit to Russia, talks in April would be covering the possibility of duty free Fiat vehicle sales within the Russian car market. He went on to say that Serbia is changing and there is major encouragement and inspiration for carrying on working on this particular project.

Director General of Fiat Automobiles Serbia explained what is expected of the plant

Director General of Fiat Automobiles Serbia Antonio Cesare Ferrara explained that around 1 Billion Euros had been invested into Fiat Automobiles Serbia in Kragujevac and went on to say that at the moment the factory is working to it’s absolute full capacity. It was said that by the end of 2012, 30,000 standard Fiat 500L vehicles had been produced. Ferrara pointed out that 99% of the factory’s output is exported, he then went on to explained that the production that is planned for the coming year, depending on market demand, ranges from 110,000 to 180,000 vehicles.

The serial production of the 500L model began in July 2012 at the factory in Kragujevac and the output  is currently exported to more than 100 markets, including regions in Asia and the Pacific and the U.S.

Ferrara explained that this new model with it’s seven seats runs on methane and has a 1.6 diesel engine. It has been kept rather an industrial secret and so it’s working version was not shown to reporters or the public.

The ministers expressed how impressed they were at the Fiat Automobiles Serbia

Dačić had expressed that he was truly overwhelmed and fascinated by the rather high levels of technology that were being used at Fiat and that this factory could definitely be expected to be Serbia’s best deal within the next few decades. Dinkić agreed, explaining that he was impressed by what he had witnessed at the factory and also claimed that the factory was home to the most state of the art technology that currently exists in any factory worldwide. He went on to say how pleased he was that the demand for car production is growing in Kragujevac and that every 5th dinar (serbian currency) in total exports of Serbia will originate from this factory.