Driver becomes wedged in Bike path!

Driver becomes wedged in Bike path!

Highway Patrol in California were called to aid an elderly driver last week after the man took a wrong turn and actually ended up wedging his car in a bike path, which is of course extremely narrow, as it is made for bikes! The California Highway Patrol explained that this unfortunate incident happened in the middle of the day on Northbound Nellen Avenue bear Greenbrae. The driver, who was 87 was the owner of a 1991 Toyota Corrola, was allegedly attempting to enter onto Highway 101 when he became confused and instead of the on ramp, he took the bike path instead.

The Elderly driver became completely wedged in the bike path

The bike path is of course separated from other traffic by a railing and a concrete barrier. The elderly driver continued to try and drive down the bike path, until his vehicle actually became wedged between the concrete barriers, coming to a complete stop. Despite his efforts, the man was unable to back out of the path and a tow truck was called to help, the truck then had to attach a cable to pull the station wagon back out of the path.

Driver was stuck for 35 mins in bike path

The poor driver was stuck within his vehicle for just over half an hour as he waited for the tow truck to come and pull him out of the bike path. The man was luckily not hurt in the incident, however Highway Patrol explained that his station wagon has suffered significant damage on both sides. A Mandatory revaluation of the drivers license has been issued by the California Highway Patrol, to see if he is still fit to be driving. Although it may seem like a shame to withdraw a mans license for an accident, it is a necessity to look into such things as this for his own control and that of other drivers.