Citroen is set to launch a simple C Line brand

Citroen is set to launch a simple C Line brand

The first of the C-Line cars from Citroen will be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, according to sources from the company. The C-Line models will mark an innovation for Citroen in re branding itself as a Value Brand that will be pitched at customers who seek a balance between functionality and cost and will also offer simplicity.

The first Citroen C Line model will feature extremely bold styling

The first Citroen C Line model, which is expected to replace the ageing C3 supermini model, will feature extremely bold styling, though it will also be inspired by the simplicity of the Lacoste concept from 2010. Sources have recently said that the C-line look is also expected to be rolled out across the remainder of the Citroen range as quickly as is possible.

Frederic Banzet, who is the CEO of Citroen, last year described the C line as competitively prices, rather than a rival for Dacia, the budget brand. Manufacturing costs will also be kept down due to the reduction of the trim and drivetrain options offered.

C-Line buyers will also have the option of customising their C Line model with options like the large upgraded touchscreen sound system. A lot of these options could be fitted by dealer, which reduces costs further for Citroen along with delivery times.

Banzet has also said that the arrival of this C Line model would be the last piece in the puzzle of repositioning PSA’s three brands. Peugeot will also be competing against Volkswagen in the mainstream premium market, whilst Citroen will slot in right between Dacia and other brands like Ford, with Citroen’s DS arm an almost premium brand in it’s own right.

Citroen announced last year that it was separating it’s design department into two divisions

Last year in May, the company also announced that it was separating it’s design department into two divisions, a Thierry Metroz led DS studio and Alexandre Malval, working with the C Line studio.

Alexandre Malvan revealed that part of the philosophy of the C Line would be to emphasise how easy to use and simple it is. The future DS models will be dropping the idiosyncratic Citroen chevron and develop it’s very own unique style grille to differentiate the new brand.