Charities from the uk unite in appeal for the phillipines typhoon

Charities from the uk unite in appeal for the phillipines typhoon

In global world news today, charities based in the uk have united as one in order to provide support and relief for those affected by the tragic typhoon incident that occurred in the phillipines late last week. The typhoon has caused absolute devastation and loss for around 10,000 people in the phillipines as homes were destroyed, accomodation, vehicles and their local city as a whole. The typhoon itself hit Tacloban city late last week and wreaked chaos and carnage in its path with over 10,000 people in the country feared dead and many others severely injured. The country has now been declared in a state of national calamity.


What charities have united for victims of the typhoon?

Numerous charities across the United Kingdom have recently all come together in order to provide help and support for those affected by the typhoon. The aim of the charities is to be able to provide food,water,warmth and shelter for the many in a bad state in Tacloban city. The charities that have united to provide this support are: Brittish Red cross, Action Aid,age international,cafod, care international, christian aid, Concern worldwide, islamic relief,merlin,oxfam,plan uk,save the children,tearfund and world vision. With the amount of heartbreak and tragic loss caused by the typhoon it is going to take quite some time for things to get back to the way they originally were in the Phillipines, but we believe that with the help and support of these charities united the country can get back to normal in a quicker amount of time after haazardous typhoon and weather conditions.


Aid being provided for those affected by the typhoon

Many countries including here in the uk are providing other forms of aid for the victims in the Phillipines with the uk providing £10 million for the help of first aid, water, blankets and temporary shelters for those left in utter chaos. America are also providing aid much in the same way as the uk are. Many other countries are also involved in the help for normality in the Phillipines, countries such as: Australia,New Zealand,China, Indonesia,Japan and Taiwan which all have a unified goal of providing relief to those tragically affected by the tragic and fatal weather conditions, caused by the Typhoon in the Phillipines.