Car drives into Ipswich’s finest Tudor House

Car drives into Ipswich’s finest Tudor House

There has been a car driven into the front entrance of Ipswich’s most grand Tudor house, damaging the entrance itself and it’s corner post. It was said to have happened at the Curson Lodge, which is on the corner of Silent Street and St Nicholas Street on Tuesday night at around 20:45. The vehicle has since been organised for removal by the cars owner, police exclaimed.

The Tudor house is said to be the finest 15th century domestic building in Ipswich

A local historian Dr John Blatchly explained that this is the finest 15th Century domestic building in Ipswich and he has expressed his utter dismay when he heard about the unfortunate collision. The building is said to date from around 1480 and was originally the guesthouse to the much larger Curson House, which is actually no longer standing. A few yards away from the Curson House site is a statue of Henry the 8th’s Lord Chancellor Cardinal Thomas Wolsey.

Wolsley from Ipswich was originally brought up in a nearby home and was planning on retiring to the Curson house, though he had died before he could make the move.

The chairman of patrons of Wolsley’s statue Dr Blatchly exclaimed that the corner post of the tudor house is fantastic, it has a merchants mark at the very top of it and it is a puzzle that has not been solved, atleast by him as to who lived there and what their trade was. He stressed that he hopes the damage isn’t too large and it can be easily repaired.

The Curson Lodge Tudor House had been restored by Ipswich’s Building preservation trust over 5 years ago and had also been used as a shop in rather recent times, though at the moment is actually empty.

The crash is an insurance matter for the owners of the tudor house and the car

The police have explained that the unfortunate incident was an insurance matter for the owners of the building and the owner of the vehicle. Lets hope that the beautiful Tudor building can be restored easily.