Cadillac CTS Saloon at the New York Motor show

Cadillac CTS Saloon at the New York Motor show

Cadillac are launching a revised CTS saloon at the New York Motor show. The idea behind the dramatic facelift of the model is to try and position the CTS further up in the Cadillac range and away from the ATS model. Cadillac claim that the changes for the model year 2014 aims combines a major redesign along with aiming to make the car a more competitive model, against rivals in Europe, like the BMW 5 series and the Mercedes E Class. The focus of this overhaul is on performance and design, whilst also introducing new technology and luxury to the Cadillac range.

What does the new Cadillac look like?

Leaked images of the CTS model have been shown across the internet and these indicate that the model retains the familiar art and science language themes of a Cadillac, though also incorporates new features from the ATS model and the ELR electric model. From the front of the vehicle, the model is rather noticeably more aggressive looking, with thin LED headlights and quite a prominent bumbper. The rear of the car has been kept rather similar to the current CTS model.

The engine for the new Cadillac?

The engine line up will be crowned with a new twin turbo V6 engine,  which is 3.6 litres and is said to produce 420 brake horsepower and 413lb ft of torque. The model is said to be capable of a 0-60 miles per hour sprint in just 4.6 seconds and has a top speed of 170 miles per hour. The model has an eight speed automatic gearbox, which is the first to be available with a Cadillac.

In the engine range elsewhere, the CTS model will be available with a 2.0 litre turbocharged four cylinder, 272 brake hosrpower engine and a 3.6 litre V6 with 321 brake horsepower.

These changes to the Cadillac range will really need to boost sales which in 2012 were down by 14.6% from figures from 2011.