BMW unveils the new BMW R1200RT

In BMW news today we are happy to report that the BMW R1200rt has been officially unveiled by well known and loved manufacturer BMW. Over the years BMW have been very well known for their unique touring models of motorbikes, such bikes used for touring the world by celebrities and legends and consumers respectively. The R1200rt promises no difference for tourers. The only difference is the R1200 is set to be one of the biggest tourers put on display from BMW in recent years and aims to catch the eye of new consumers and current consumers as well.


The specs and techs of the R1200RT

Sadly not a lot of features and specs for the R1200 have been officially confirmed as of yet, but the ones that have been confirmed and we do know about are: It has a huge 1170cc engine allowing a massive increase in power from that of past BMW tourers. The exhausts have been specially fitted with a new valve control layout allowing a smoother and more perfect sound from the exhaust system itself. As well as many BMW tourers the R1200rt comes with 125bhp of power for its engine and race Abs and Asc traction as standard. It has a top speed of over 125mph, shaft drive, cast aluminum wheels and also comes well designed with a central spring strut at the front end of the bike allowing a smoother and more central suspension system.


When is the R1200rt expected to arrive and for what cost

We can report that the R1200rt will retail at a basic cost of £10,283 as officially confirmed by BMW. Sadly as of yet we do not have an official release date for the bike itself but it is confirmed that it will be sometime next year. Designed and aiming for the top seller spot, BMW are hoping to set records with the brand new R1200rt.