BMW recall over 700,000 vehicles

BMW recall over 700,000 vehicles

German car manufacturing giant BMW are recalling over 700,000 vehicles, mainly in the North of America, over what is thought to be problems with the electricals of the vehicle that could cause vehicles to stall unexpectedly. This particular recall affects versions of the 3-series, 1series cars and the Z4 sports car. The vehicles that are said to be affected are the 3 series coupes, sports wagons, convertibles and sedans that were built between the years of 2007  through to 2011, the 1 series convertibles and coupes from 2008- 2012 and the Z4 vehicles from 2009-2011. In Canada, the recalls also include 1,800 X1 compact crossover vehicles that were built from 2012.

BMW are recalling most vehicles from the United States

The company are having to recall around 505,000 cars in the United States, 100,000 in Japan, 65,000 in Canada and 50,000 in South Africa.

BMW exclaimed that these problems had caused a small collision in Canada, though luckily there were no injuries. Vehicles throughout Europe and in BMW’s home of Germany are not affected by or involved in the recall.

The NHTSA, (The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that the connector for the battery cable and the corresponding terminal on the cars fuse box may degrade over time. The heat produced from the electrical resistance and the high flow of current may lead to a breakage in the connection and may cause a loss of electrical power to the car. This could therefore cause the vehicle to stall unexpectedly, of course increasing the risk of a collision.

BMW are expected to notify owners in March

The owners of the vehicles are said to be told in March. Lets hope that this problem is cleared up in next to no time, it of course must be extremely frustrating to order or own a vehicle, to then have it recalled. Though of course it is far more important for BMW to ensure that there are no collisions brought on by the problems the car may provide, safety comes first.