Best Road Safety answer for cycling, breaking the law?

Best Road Safety answer for cycling, breaking the law?

Do you think that Cyclists should be able to go through red lights, for road safety?

Best cycling road safety to break the law?

A recent report in a British newspaper suggested that the best way for a cyclist to stay safe is to break the law sometimes and that they should be able to go through a red light if they feel that it may keep them safe.

A keen cyclist recently wrote this piece after they were stopped by police for going through a red light, they actually admitted to doing this regularly whilst they were cycling because they believed that it would improve his own personal safety.

In the article they said that they are pretty careful whilst they are cycling, they don’t endanger pedestrians, they said that they do not slow cars down. Sometimes the very best way for a cyclist to be able to stay safe is by going through a red light, they finished by saying that people who cycle regularly will know this. They went on to say there are plenty of people who think that the higher incidence of women cyclist deaths are because they will more than likely follow rules, for example waiting patiently by a stop line when a lorry comes along and crushes them. Most cyclists would like to get as far away from lorries, buses and cars as they possibly could.

New cycling star wants to crack down on cycling road safety by promoting penalties

The article also points out that one of the very first acts of Andrew Gilligan, who is the new London cycling star, will be to try and crack down on bad cycling, by promoting a new £30 penalty for red light offenders to increase road safety.

The writer adds that they believe cyclists should have a middle status between a car and a pedestrian and should be allowed to cross whilst the green man is showing, whilst of course giving way to pedestrians. Under those circumstances, a cyclist will be aware if a pedestrian is going to step out into the road.