Audi TT Ultra Quattro Concept

Audi TT Ultra Quattro Concept

The brand new concept Audi TT ultra quattro  gets a lot more power and also loses 300kg, it could lead to a small run of production. The unique Audi TT concept was revealed at the Worthersee GTI Festival. The new concept is designed to demonstrate the expertise of Audi in relation to lightweight materials.

The Audi concept is based on the TT S

The new Audi concept is based on the TT S and has shedded 300kg, it has also squeezed an extra 100 brake horsepower from the TFSI 2.0 engine, for a total of 306 brake horsepower. As a result of this the 0-62 miles per hour time has dropped to 4.2 seconds, while the top speed of the vehicle has climed by 18 miles per hour, to 173 miles per hour.

Wolfgang Durheimer who is the head of Audi’s technical development said in November, that a car in the TT segment that weighs 1,000 kg would be an extremely interesting proposition. The car would be a TT Derivative and the challenge was also to make it a quattro. He expressed that this is what he asked of his engineers. Clearly, the new concept is a result of what he requested of them.

The Audi concept sheds a great deal of weight

The concept car comes in at 1,111kg, keeping the quattro four wheel drive system. Weight is cut in almost every area in the ultra concept. For example, the engine is 25kg lighter due to modifications that have been made to the crankcase, bolts and balancer shafts, steel suspension springs have also been replaced by reinforced fiberglass polymer coils that weigh around 40% less.

The body of the concept also sheds 43kg, this is due to (CFRP) carbon fibre reinforced polymer being used in the centre tunnel, roof and B-pillars, there are also components of magnesium in the hinge reinforcements and floor. Aluminium calipers, carbon ceramic brake discs and an exhaust of titanium also help, whilst the carbon fibre reinforced polymer wheels, with the spokes that are aluminium, are 20kg less in weight than standard alloys.

The lithium ion starter battery for the vehicle, weighs just 4kg and is fixed under the driver’s seat, seats made from fiberglass that are taken from the Audi R8 GT also cut down a further 22kg in weight. Regular wing mirrors have been replaced by interior screens and rear facing cameras.

This is more of a mere engineering exercise according to Audi, it has been said that this could result in a boom of low volume Audi model series in the future.