Audi reach alltime sales records

Audi reach alltime sales records

German Giant Audi have achieved alltime records this previous year, delivering over 1,455,00 vehicles to customers, which is up by 11.7% from 2011. The company turned over more than £42.6 million and the profits for the firm were up to £4.7 billion in 2012, which is a fantastic result the company have exclaimed because of the investments being made for future models and production facilities. The return on investment figures for the company were 30.9% and the return on sales was 11%.

Audi’s biggest seller?

The biggest seller for Audi last year was the A4 saloon, which sold over 216,000. Followed by the A6 saloon, which sold over 214,000 and the Q5 came in third selling 205,986. Over 57,000 A6 Avants were also sold.

The greatest gain for the company were the Q3 model sales ascending to over 91,800 units from 2011’s part sales of 9288. In 2012 the Q7 also sold over 56,000 units along with the A5 sportback, which produced over 53,000 sales.

Lamborghini, which is part of the brand group for Audi also sold 2081 cars in 2012, which was up from their 2011 sales of 1602. The total was made up of Lamborghini Gallados and Aventadors. Ducati, the third brand for the company also sold over 41,000 motorbikes, which set a record for the Italian firm.

The Boss of the company, Ruper Stadler explained that sales for the Audi company have doubled over the last decade and that the brand has achieved alltime high sales in every region worldwide. Sales were up in Asia by 28% and in North America by 12%.

Audi sales in Britain?

Britain saw Audi sales reaching 123,000, which is also up from 2011 by 7%, this leaves the Audi company neck and neck with BMW in the United Kingdom. With some car manufacturers struggling in this economic climate, it is encouraging to see that the Audi company is doing so well.