Animal Related Car Accidents are more common than you may think

Animal Related Car Accidents are more common than you may think

Animal related car accidents are more common than you may think, thankfully this animal did not cause an accident, though it did receive a little bump itself. Recently, an ostrich was caught on CCTV dodging and weaving through traffic on one of the busiest highways in Zhangzhou City in China. The Video was posted by a News site on the internet and the video spread like wildfire, the footage caught the ostrich running alongside the traffic at rush hour.The bird was then hit by a vehicle, it then bounced back and was hit again by another vehicle. Thankfully and amazingly the ostrich was not injured during it’s ordeal and was then taken to a zoo in the Southeast of the Country. The origins of this flightless bird are a complete mystery, no-one has come forward as of yet to claim the ostrich, so it is uncertain as to whether it had escaped from a zoo or somewhere completely different.

Animal Related Car accidents are more common than you would think

It was reported by State Farm Insurance Company that there are in fact around 1.5 million animal related car accidents every year. They stated that the key thing to remember when an animal is running loose on the road is to not put yourself or anybody else at risk of a car accident.

Tips for avoiding animal related car accidents

If you feel that you can brake in a safe way before hitting an animal then you should do so, however drivers should be sure that they do not swerve into nearby lanes or into oncoming traffic. Hitting another vehicle can of course be a lot more dangerous than hitting a confused animal on a road. The company also stated that it is extremely important for drivers to obey speed limits and seatbelt laws for their own safety, in case of any kind of animal related car accidents, or any accident for that matter.