Anger at £100 “unnecessary” parking ticket

Anger at £100 “unnecessary” parking ticket

A quick 15 minute shopping trip ended in a fine of £100 for a woman in Kidderminster who received a parking ticket for having the back wheel of her car, a little over the parking bay.

The Kidderminster woman was appalled to find the parking ticket

The woman said she was absolutely appalled to find the parking ticket stuck to the back window of her Saab after a brief visit to Kidderminster’s Crossley Retail Park last week. She  explained that the back wheel of her car had only been over the white line by around a inch and she did not feel that a penalty was warranted whatsoever.

The woman explained that she had quickly popped into the Retail Park Curry’s to collect something for her television and she was only actually in the store for 15 minutes. She said that when she came out into the carpark I had a parking ticket on my car because my wheel was parked about an inch over the line. She went on to say that she was absolutely disgusted and appalled. She said that if she had overstayed the two hours that she had paid for then she would fully understand but the wheel being over the line is just ridiculous. She also asked the question what if she was forced to park like that because the other driver didn’t leave enough space. She said that issuing parking fines for reasons such as this would put people off shopping at the Retail park. The Retail Park has parking for up to two hours at a time, for when the town wanted to attract more shoppers. She said that she had spent £400 in the Curry’s store just the day before she was fined and so to have a £100 fine was just unacceptable.

A Spokesperson for the company who issued the parking ticket said that they could not currently provide a response

An Excel Parking Services Limited (the company that issued the parking ticket) spokesperson said that they were unable to provide a response, as they were currently carrying out further enquiries, which were likely to be over within the next few days. He went on to say that signs at the Retail Park in Crossley do tell motorists to park properly in the marked bays.

People who park inappropriately can lead to bays being left unavailable or other car park users finding the spaces awkward to get into.

The spokesperson said that the woman had the option to appeal against her parking ticket.