A Woman drove for a mile with policeman on bonnet

A Woman drove for a mile with policeman on bonnet

Imagine if you were driving down the motorway and you seen a policeman hanging to the bonnet of a car as you drove past. Luckily, this type of behaviour is rather unheard of in Britain and when we hear a story such as this one, we automatically presume it is in America, however this time it was in China.

This time, the comments about women drivers cannot be waved away

Everybody has heard the jibes from men about women drivers, they crash, they drive slowly, whatever is wrong with people driving in the World, men have blamed on Women drivers. Although usually, this is untrue and there are an equal amount of bad drivers around the world, this woman driver is possibly one of the worst and definitely deserves everything she gets after this stunt.

A woman driver of the BMW Z4 sports car had previously been stopped by an officer as he had suspected that she had drove through a red light. Though, the woman began to pull away and the officer decided she wasn’t getting away that easily and risked his own life by grabbing the hood of her vehicle. He clinged onto the hood for a mile down the road and refused to let go of the bonnet. In a video which has been posted online the policeman can be heard screaming. “I will get off when you get out!” The incident happened in Zhengzhou which is in Henan Province and was captured on the officer’s headcam.

The woman was stopped after a mile driving with the policeman on her bonnet as other drivers intervened by trapping the car, she was then arrested. It has not yet been said what is going to happen to the woman as the case progresses.

Lets hope this kind of behavior does not become the norm with women drivers.