A man is suing the state of Georgia for his dissallowed personalised license plate!

A man is suing the state of Georgia for his dissallowed personalised license plate!

A man from Georgie is suing the state because three of his choices of personalised license plate requests were refused and he believed his free speech was being stifled. James Cyrus Gilbert, who is Gay, claimed that the Georgia Department of Driver Services refused to issue him with license plates 4GayLIB, GAYPWR or GAYGUY and he believes that this is complete discrimination against him. The phrases that he chose for his license plate showed up on the State’s list of personalised plates that had been banned for either being hateful or vulgar, or those that express a political or religious view.

James Gilbert is therefore arguing that the personalised plates that he wanted are not vulgar and he has therefore accused the state for favouring certain views and not others. He explained, denying someone the opportunity and right to put gay on their license plate is political. He went on to explain that if he decided to get a license plate that said straight man, then this would be completely acceptable, though because the one he wanted had the word gay on it, it is not available.

Other strange license plates have been OK’d

It became clear that in the past the department had made some rather strange exceptions in their policy that they say will not allow hate plates or politics plates however such plates as JESUS4U, GUNLUV and GAYGAY have been approved in the past. Of course when looking at plates such as these it does beg the question as to where the line is drawn? When do they decide if something is too hateful or too political.

Gilbert hopes to have his license plate accepted

The lawsuit hopes to have the licence plates that Gilbert so desired approved by the Department of Driver Services and also asks for a court order to declare that the state’s policy on personalised license plates should be declared inconstitutional as it violates peoples rights to free speech.