A man receives parking ticket for abandoning car because of weather

A man receives parking ticket for abandoning car because of weather

A driver from bath has been issued with a parking ticket after leaving his car in the snow. The man decided to abandon his car as deep snow was beginning to block his route and he felt it was the safest and easiest option to take and he has received a parking ticket. Paul Hermon, explained that he was stuck near bath and that he had neatly parked his car on a quiet side road after he decided that there was no way he would be able to continue on his journey due to the weather

Mr Herman thinks bad weather should be an exception

After returning to the car the following morning at around 8.50, Mr Hermon said he found the ticket on his car. Bath and North East Somerset council explained that any appeal that was put forward due to the bad weather would definitely be considered sympathetically.

The snow that was produced this week saw rather widespread disruption all around Bath and Somerset and over thirty drivers also abandoned their cars on the A39 after the horrific weather. Due to the traffic problems brought on by the horrendous weather, a bus route from Bath to Midsomer Norton, which usually takes around 90 minutes, ended up taking a whole six hours.

Although trying diversions, the weather won

Mr Hermon exclaimed that he had tried a number of diversions to attempt to get home to Wells, though every one he tried was blocked. This resulted in him abandoning his car in Twerton, he then even went on to check into a bed and breakfast.

Mr Hermon exclaimed his frustrations by saying that traffic enforcements must have been waiting until the crack of dawn to come out so they could start booking people. He went on to say that after the horrors of the weather the night before you would think that there would have been an opportunity to allow people to get back and move their vehicles. There must have been a fair number of people who had got stranded due to the snow.

My Hermon did admit that he had parked on a single yellow line though he thought that common sense should of course prevail. He said that yes he had parked illegally though it was an extremely quiet side road, with only his vehicle parked on it. It had caused no obstructions and he said that he could understand if he had left his vehicle abandoned in the middle of the road but he had ensured that his vehicle was neatly parked.It is understandable that people become infuriated in situations such as this, what else can people do in this horrendous weather?